YSA’s Semester of Service

Research has shown that classes and groups that use YSA's Semester of Service framework demonstrate increases in student engagement. As students see how math, science, language arts, and social studies can help them #LeadASAP (through Awareness, Service, Advocacy, and Philanthropy), they understand the relevance of their education. Through a Semester of Service, educators make the community their classroom, and the world's challenges their curriculum. Students build and practice 21st Century Skills while making their communities healthier, greener, smarter, fairer, cleaner, and safer.

The free Semester of Service online course will help educators use the tools and handouts available in the Semester of Service Teacher Toolkit to guide students through activities designed to challenge students to think critically about global issues, generate creative solutions, collaborate as they put their ideas into action, and communicate to recruit others and share their results. Semester of Service complements your existing curriculum, creating opportunities for authentic learning and practical application of the knowledge and skills taught in your classroom or after-school program to make real-world impacts.

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