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What parents and school counselors are saying about HOBY

Success Stories

My son loved it. He came away with ideas about what he would like to do, and ways to get it done. I am so pleased that he has had an opportunity to participate in HOBY. HOBY is a really great organization that fulfills a terrific need. Particularly now when the Internet has empowered so many to start effective and sustainable grass-roots movements, the HOBY program is positioned to help kids make their ideas effective.  I am so pleased with the impact HOBY has had on my son.

-Parent of a HOBY alumnus from California


As a small school with only 49 high school students, we are always seeking leadership opportunities for our kids. HOBY has provided a great avenue for leadership development over the years. Two years ago we sent a quiet and reserved sophomore to HOBY. This student was hesitant to go. The parents were wondering how they could help their son develop the communication and leadership skills they knew to be important for his future. Now a senior, this student has accomplished far more than anyone ever imagined. HOBY was the turning point. In my eleven years as counselor here, I would rate him as one of the top two leaders at our school. He plans to go on to study engineering at a college in Minnesota or South Dakota.

-Jim Lorence, Guidance Counselor , Kenny Lake School, Alaska


“My son came home full of information and energy. He loved being with people as bright as himself. He was amazed at how everyone was of different ethnicities and religions and could still share opinions and be heard and respected even in disagreement. He wants to go to college with kids just like these! He talked of signing up to return next June....I hope he does. Thanks again for all your hours and hours of work. It certainly made a difference for him!”

-Parent of a HOBY alumnus from California


“My daughter is a great student and a wonderful person. Yet, I am amazed at how the HOBY conference perked her up and helped her re-focus her priorities. As a parent I had thought it would be a good experience for her, but I really had no idea of its impact. She said it was the best four days of her life. And that’s quite a statement because she has already experienced many great things. Of course she already wants to come back next year as a counselor, as I'm sure many others do. We do everything we can to support her college preparation and I’m so glad we were able to send her to HOBY. I think it gave her exactly what she needed on many different levels.”

-Parent of HOBY Ambassador from Indiana


“My son, although involved somewhat in his school, has become a true leader. He is President of his student council, active in sports, and very active in clubs and the school yearbook. Whether all of this was just waiting to happen, or the HOBY conference helped bring this out in him, I cannot honestly say. My gut feeling is it’s the latter. He is on track to become the valedictorian of his class. It was HIS decision to keep retaking his ACT tests to upgrade his scores, which are excellent. Such drive, such ambition. It will take him far in life… As the people who helped spark this young mans growth to manhood, I thought I would share all of this with you. Just another story of thousands, I'm sure. But thanks for all your efforts.”

-Parent of a HOBY Ambassador from Ohio


“My first experience with HOBY was when my daughter was chosen to attend... I was so impressed with what was presented that I registered my high school so our students could participate. As a Duke undergraduate and current law student my daughter is still proud of listing HOBY on her resume and talking to students about her experience. Over the years I have never worked with an organization that was so willing and prepared for whatever our individual needs might be. The quick response to any question is amazing and does show that the organization can train young people to be responsive leaders in a world slowly accepting mediocrity as the acceptable norm.”

-High School Counselor and Parent of a HOBY Ambassador from California



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